Sugar Jamison

  Real people, real life, true love.

On Valentine's Day

When her parents' divorce throws Maggie May Calhoun's quiet ordered life into a tail spin, she decides to quit her well paying job as a bio-medical engineer and follow her fashion dreams by working in a clothing store that's specializes in dressing curvy girls like herself. Life is pretty sweet until her brother's best friend opens a bakery beneath her apartment. The smells from the bakery are tantalizing and so is it's sexy pastry chef owner. Too bad Maggie has known Alex all her life and wants nothing to do with the boy who used to pull her hair, even though he's turned into a man that's just as delectable as the food he makes.

Love tastes a little sweeter 

World class pastry chef, Alex Sanna, was told his entire life that only women belonged in the kitchen. After years of working in New York's best restaurants he decides to return to his hometown to open a bakery and prove to his father that real men aren't afraid of getting a little flour on their hands. He's worked hard to get where he is, but his career and his bakery are depending on the Valentine's Day ball he's catering to be a success. All of his focus should be on perfecting his pastry, but his neighbor Maggie is driving him crazy. She's grown from the awkward girl he used to know and into a delicious woman that he can't seem to get enough of. Will a disproving brother and a pining ex get in their way? Or will Maggie and Alex find love on Valentine's Day?